Thursday, 7 June 2012

You may have known by now that nearly all ISP's including Virgin, Sky and BT have "blocked" access to the
What you may have not known (and thats probably the reason why you are here) is that they have only limited access to that site. In other words the site is up and running but you can't access it directly.

So how do you gain access to the piratebay, and other blocked sites?

The easiest way to do this is to access the sites via a proxy.
There are many free proxy servers such as
From there you can enter "" or whatever URL/website you want to access,hit enter and voila!
Doing this on a proxy will also hide your IP address so your browsing will be much more private and secure.


There are many mirrors linking to this site. Just click on any of the bellow links to go directly to the site.

(note, after some time some of the links above might not work but in general most if not all should work)

Thanks for Looking at my blog. I hope you found it helpful.  Im not encouraging piracy but i do believe in freedom of the internet.)